Gator Indoor Drumline Scary Good

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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February 6th marked a big event for our school’s Drumline and colorguard, as they competed against around 24 different groups around the state. Many students were at Greenwood practicing and setting up for the competition, which lasted from 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.. The set-up also went on Friday night after the basketball double-header, which went on for a long time that night.

The different categories these talented students competed in includes Color Guard, Marching Percussion, Percussion Ensemble, and Wind Ensemble. According to Mr. Hall, the drumline supervisor, there was a great turnout to the event.

There was a special performance by Music City Mystique, which is one of the best ensembles in the world. This group is from Nashville, and they have won more world championships than any two ensembles combined.

There are many instruments that are used in the performance.  The instruments included the entire drumline, cymbals, marimbas, vibraphones, auxiliary percussion equipment such as a bass drum or a gong and etc, synthesizers, and a bass guitar.



The different groups performed songs based on their certain topic, which Greenwood’s this year was based on an “insane asylum.” Drumline supervisor Mr. Hall wrote music based on scary movies that are out.  Each group has nine minutes to set up their scene, perform, and get off.

According to Greenwood senior drumline member Taylor Scott, the hardest part about the competition was getting everything set up, performing, then cleaning up in nine minutes. They had a mat they laid out and rolled back up, backdrops put up and down, and instruments that were carried or rolled on and off the stage.

According to Mr. Hall, the hardest part to him was making sure the visiting teams knew where everything was and what was going on.

Judges were looking at the clarity of their instruments, the execution of their performance, and the communication of the concept. Greenwood unfortunately didn’t win, but are going to take their constructive criticism and improve for next year.   




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