Future Gator Leaders Converge on Swamp

By Sophie South, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Reporter

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This past Friday marked the yearly Leadership Day held at Greenwood High. Students from around the county were right here learning the importance on how to become a great role model, a better person, and an aspiring leader. Mrs. Bush and her chosen leaders have worked extra hard to give these students a fun learning experience.

Group leaders and tour guides made games and activities that showed students the important aspects to being a leader such as teamwork, patience, respect. etc. Tour guides were prepared to keep the students all together, and made sure they had an awesome time. There were special performances by the indoor drumline and a small snippet of the musical “Mary Poppins”, which will be performed next month.

This event took place throughout the day, and students learned what high school will be like in the future. This day helped students become a leader, who could do great things in the future.



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