NFL Week 13

NFL Week 13

By Ian Shimizu, Reporter

TNF: Packers (7-4) at Lions (4-7)

Winner: Packers. The Lions took the first game in Green Bay, but I think the Packers will win here. Aaron Rodgers has a nice match-up and should have a big game. Packers get closer to the Vikings in the standings. Score: 24-21

Noon Games

Jets (6-5) at Giants (5-6)

Winner: Jets.  The Giants have been a complete mess lately. Their defense needs some major changes, and they have no weapons other than Odell on offense. Going against Darrelle Revis and one of the best defenses in the league, the Giants shouldn’t score much in a neutral stadium. Score: 30-17

Cardinals (9-2) at Rams (4-7)

Winner: Cardinals. The Rams did take the first game, and should again put up a good fight. However, their defense has struggled in recent weeks, and Carson Palmer and the rest of the Cardinals offense has been red hot. The Rams will have trouble getting a win until they get a quarterback. Score: 27-21

Falcons (6-5) at Buccaneers (5-6)

Winner: Bucs. Finally, I pick a home team. The Falcons offense has been nowhere to be found after starting off the year hot, as well as their team. Losing 5 of their last 6, they should struggle again against an underrated Bucs defense. Score:24-23

Seahawks (6-5) at Vikings (8-3)

Winner: Seahawks. The Seahawks snagged a must-win game last week against Pittsburgh. The Vikings took control of the NFC North. Both of these teams need to win here, but obviously only one can. Adrian Peterson faces a very tough test. I think the Seahawks win an ugly game. Score: 17-13

49ers (3-8) at Bears (5-6)

Winner: Bears. The 49ers are perhaps the biggest mess in the NFL right now. A terrible defense and quarterback problems and their RB being out are just a few of them. The Bears pulled out a huge win in Green Bay last week to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. I think they coast here, having no problems against a bad 49ers team. Score: 38-20

Jaguars (4-7) at Titans (2-9)

Winner: Titans. A new head coach has helped the Titans, but they still just don’t have any star players. Jacksonville has similar issues. Despite The Jaguars taking the first game, Marcus Mariota has a nice game and the Titans win just their third of the season. Score: 20-14

Texans (6-5) at Bills (5-6)

Winner: Bills. The Texans are 6-5, you ask? Well, in a terrible AFC South, that isn’t too hard to do. Still, their recent run has also consisted of other teams. LeSean McCoy has a big game even against a solid defense. Deandre Hopkins has another huge stat line, but it isn’t enough. Score: 27-24

Ravens (3-8) at Dolphins (4-7)

Winner: Dolphins. Both of these teams have had disappointing seasons. I can’t see the Ravens winning much if at all the rest of the year which has seemed to be an injury curse. Their starting QB, RB, and best WR have all gone down and won’t be back. The Dolphins take it off Ryan Tannehill’s big day against a terrible secondary. Score: 24-13

Bengals (9-2) at Browns (2-9)

Winner: Bengals. The Browns are a huge mess. They have no running game at all on offense and can’t stop the run for their lives on defense. Except the Bengals offense to go off. Score: 31-17

Afternoon Games

Chiefs (6-5) at Raiders (5-6)

Winner: Raiders. This game will likely decide a playoff spot. Despite the Chiefs’ five-game winning streak, I don’t think they will win. Alex Smith doesn’t turn the ball over but doesn’t get many touchdowns either. Derek Carr torches the Chiefs’ defense and the Raiders go to .500. Score: 20-19

Broncos (9-2) at Chargers (3-8)

Winner: Broncos. Brock Osweiler has actually been better then Peyton Manning in his two starts. C.J Anderson reminded us he was still on the team last week. The defense has been great, and they win in San Diego. Score: 28-23

Eagles (4-7) at Patriots (10-1)

Winner: Patriots. No surprise here. Tom Brady dominates even without his top weapons. Mark Sanchez is, well, Mark Sanchez. Score: 41-17

Panthers (11-0) at Saints (4-7)

Winner: Panthers. If the Saints actually had a defense, I would like them for an upset bid here. But they are far from that. Cam Newton has a career day against a defense that is to be nice, bad. Score: 35-31

SNF: Colts (6-5) at Steelers (6-5)

Winner: Steelers. Big Ben has had a great year despite being injured what seems like every quarter. The Colts are 6-5, but are in a dreadful AFC South. Matt Hasselback drops his first in Pittsburgh. Score: 25-20

MNF: Cowboys (3-8) at Redskins (5-6)

Winner: Cowboys. This is an upset, after the Cowboys lost Tony Romo for the year last week. The Redskins have no running game, and should have trouble staying on the field. Darren McFadden has a good game against a bad rushing defense. Score: 17-13