Cheerleader Sell Boo Grams For A Great Cause

By Sophie South, Reporter

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During the lunch periods last week, the Greenwood cheerleaders were selling ‘Boo-Grams’ to students around the school. The biggest question is “What was a boo-gram?”

According to cheer coach Natalie Dyer, Boo-Grams had a Hershey bar with a hidden message inside wrapped in a ghost. Students would buy these for three dollars, and they would handed out to the students by the cheerleaders.

This was a typically a festive and creative fundraiser in the past, but now they had a bigger goal of raising money for Julie Scott’s mom.

Julie’s mom, Jenny, is battling stage three Melanoma, and they helped raise the money towards her medical expenses. Jenny’s close friend created a website to raise money for the cause. They have raised $2,230 so far, but their goal is to raise $7,000. The cheerleaders sold 200 boo-grams, raising $800. I asked Mrs. Dyer if they have any other fundraisers planned. She states, “As of right now, nothing else is planned.  But I’d say that will depend upon her condition in the future. Last year the moms did a rotation of taking supper to the family (at least a few times that I know of).” If you would like to donate money to the cause, you can donate money anonymously or with your name here.

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