Art, choir team up for special night

By Sophie South, Reporter

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Just before Fall Break on Oct. 1, Greenwood’s art programs held a night full of art projects and singing.

Thirty minutes before the choirs sang, the art program presented their beautiful art projects in front of the auditorium and throughout the hallway. Colton Givens, Ciera Harrod, NaTassja Jackson, and Cydney Kitchens drew these pieces that were a part of the advanced visual art and AP studio second period.

Everyone was gazing at the art projects as the choirs were getting ready to perform in just a few minutes. The beginning choir went to the stage to perform first. Their song selections included “I Am,” “Salangadou,” “Beauty and The Beast,” and “Ticket to the Kingdom.” A trio solo was performed by Haley Shedd, Mary Catherine Thomas, and Kennedy Stephens a the introduction of the song “I Am.” Also, Linzey Smith and Sophie South sang a duet at the beginning of the song, “Beauty and The Beast.”

Next up was the all women’s choir, beginning with 17 girls last year and doubling to 34 this year. Their songs included “Old Abram Brown,” “And So it Goes,” and “Good News.” There was a small ensemble performance during “And So it Goes” by Keiko Nishijima, Emma Brittenham, Emma Wells, and Maggie Matthews. For a choir just made last year and for an all girls choir, their performance was breath-taking.

The A Capella choir performed a song called “Fallin’.” Duets in this song include Matt Propst and DiDi Turley, and Ben Morrison and Jannah Bolin. It’s truly interesting to hear a group of students presenting music only using their voice.

Shortly after, the mixed choir came onto the stage performing their songs “Agnus Dei,” “Va Pensiero,” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Everyone including the crowd was clapping along during their performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Between each performance by the choirs, soloists from the vocal techniques class sang a song of their choice. Joe Moore was one of the featured soloists that performed first singing “Edelweiss” originally from “The Sound Of Music.” The next featured performer of the night was Laura King singing “Alma De Core” originally performed by Antonio Caldara, who was a famous Italian Baroque composer.

The last featured performer was Matt Propst singing “Encantadora Maria,” which was originally a Latin American Folktale. Overall, the night was amazing and both art programs did a stellar job and it was definitely worth coming to.

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