NFL Week 6

NFL Week 6

By Ian Shimizu, Reporter

TNF: Falcons (5-0) vs. Saints (1-4)

Winner: Falcons. The Falcons offense has been unstoppable with Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones and it continues here. They are one of the few undefeated teams left. Score: 31-20

Sunday, Noon Games:

Redskins (2-3) vs. Jets (3-1)

Winner: Jets. The Jets defense has been ridiculously good and Kirk Cousins has been racking up picks. This spells disaster and the Jets ride their defense to victory, in a game where the Redskins struggle to find points. Score: 28-10

Cardinals (4-1) vs. Steelers (3-2)

Winner: Cardinals. Arizona Coach Bruce Arians wants revenge after the Steelers announced he was retiring because they didn’t want him, but they didn’t want anyone else to have him. He gets revenge in Pittsburgh. Score: 24-17

Chiefs (1-4) vs. Vikings (2-2)

Winner: Vikings. The Chiefs had the worst possible thing happen after being up 17-3 last week in the 3rd quarter, as Jamaal Charles tore his ACL and is out for the year. To make things worse, they then coughed up the win. The Vikings have had 2 weeks to prepare for this one and take a low-scoring game. Score: 20-17

Bengals (5-0) vs. Bills (3-2)

Winner: Bengals. Andy Dalton has been unstoppable when he plays at noon for whatever reason, and that continues here. The red-hot Bengals go to 6-0 in Buffalo. Score: 24-21

Bears (2-3) vs. Lions (0-5)

Winner: Lions. The Lions are shocking everyone with how bad they’ve been. However, not many teams would be better considering their tough schedule early on. They are in must-win mode and do that here. Score: 31-21

Broncos (5-0) vs. Browns (2-3)

Winner: Browns. Upset of the week here. No one would have thought that they would ever see Josh McCown outplaying Peyton Manning, but that is happening so far this year. The Broncos defense in the 2nd half this year has scored as many points as their offense. McCown will come back to Earth after three straight tremendous games, but he will still have a solid game. Broncos lose their first game. Score: 21-20

Texans (1-4) vs. Jaguars (1-4)

Winner: Texans. No upset bid here. Deandre Hopkins continues his record-breaking year and Arian Foster regains his form. Blake Bortles has a good game, but not good enough to win. Score: 35-27

Dolphins (1-3) vs. Titans (1-3)

Winner: Dolphins. Despite an interim coach, the Dolphins are still in win-or-die mode, quickly losing ground in the tough AFC East. They win a low scoring game in Nashville. Score: 24-21

Afternoon Games

Panthers (4-0) vs. Seahawks (2-3)

Winner: Seahawks. Carolina is undefeated, but most teams would be in their ridiculously easy early-season schedule. They go to Seattle and lose a defensive battle, being one of the undefeated teams to lose. Score: 17-13

Chargers (2-3) vs. Packers (5-0)

Winner: Packers. Aaron Rodgers has been unstoppable at home, and last game ended a streak with no interceptions at home in which he threw for 49 touchdowns. That has been unheard of. He doesn’t shred a good Chargers defense but does have a solid game. Score: 34-24

Ravens (1-4) vs. 49ers (1-4)

Winner: Ravens. John Harbaugh will be looking to reverse an early-season struggle. Jim will likely help his brother against his old team that no one knows better than him. One of these teams will be 1-5, and Jim would love it if it was the 49ers. Score: 28-17

SNF: Colts (3-2) vs. Patriots (4-0)

Winner: Patriots. A huge revenge game after Deflategate, the lights will never shine brighter then they will here (except for the Super Bowl, of course). Andrew Luck returns, but that isn’t near enough to save the Colts. Score: 45-24

MNF: Giants (3-2) vs. Eagles (2-3)

Winner: Giants. The Eagles defense has been too inconsistent to trust this year. They struggle to find the wheels here again. Giants beat their rivals. Score: 31-14