NFL Week 4

By Ian Shimizu, Reporter

NFL Week 4

Noon Games

Jets (2-1) at Dolphins (1-2) In London

Winner: Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill struggled against a stingy Bills defense last week, and things get no easier this week against probably the best defense in the league. However, the Dolphins are in a must win game for their team and their coaching staff. The Dolphins take a low scoring game in London.

Giants (1-2) at Bills (2-1)

Winner: Bills. The Giants just haven’t looked good this year again. The Bills have started off nicely only losing to the 3-0 Pats. Eli Manning will be bombarded by a defense that has forced many turnovers this year. Bills go to 3-1.

Panthers (3-0) at Buccaneers (1-2)

Winner: Panthers. The Panthers are off to a 3-0 start where Cam Newton has been on fire. The Panthers won both games last year, and there aren’t any indications that say they won’t win both again this year. The Bucs have also lost their last 10 home games.Cam will have another big game.

Chiefs (1-2) at Bengals (3-0)

Winner: Bengals. The Bengals almost never lose at home. AJ Green is coming off a 10-227-2 game and should have his way with a defense who gave up 5 touchdowns last week. The Chiefs defense hasn’t looked right the first 3 games of the year. Their offense hasn’t been much better, ranking 22nd in the league. The red hot Bengals should be one of the few left undeafeated teams.

Texans (1-2) at Falcons (3-0)

Winner: Falcons. The Falcons are 3-0, but they haven’t beat anyone good yet. A 1-2 Eagles and Giants and a Tony Romo and Dez Bryant less Cowboys. The Texans are the next team on a cupcake first four game schedule. Julio Jones has been on a history breaking three game streak and he should continue it against a poor secondary. Home field advantage should serve them well and they should be undeafeated through 4 games, regardless if Arian Foster plays or not.

Raiders (1-2) at Bears (0-3)

Winner: Raiders. Without Jay Cutler, the Bears offense is horrific. It will be a mess when the Bears are on offense, as they are 28th in the league in offense and the Raiders are dead last in the league in defense. Still, Jimmy Clausen will struggle again and the Raiders, who should be 3-1, will be the biggest surprise in the league.

Jaguars (1-2) at Colts (1-2)

Winner: Colts. It’s hard to believe the Colts and Jaguars have the same record, but in a struggling AFC South, the Colts should have some cupcake games, with this being one. They should advance to 2-2 and lead the struggling AFC South.

Eagles (1-2) at Redskins (1-2)

Winner: Eagles. The Eagles rebounded last week against a good Jets team, yet Sam Bradford and the offense still struggled. This week, however, they should come back and put up plenty of points against a porous Redskins defense.

Afternoon Games

Chargers (1-2) at Browns (1-2)

Winner: Chargers. The Browns offense has a lot of holes to be filled, and while they have been better than most people thought, they lose in San Diego. The Chargers are coming off 2 road losses but should return home and get the win. Phillip Rivers will have a big game.

Packers (3-0) at 49ers (1-2)

Winner: Packers. The 49ers have been a mess the last 2 weeks, and that should continue here. Their defense has been terrible, not something you want when your facing the best QB in the league. Colin Kaepernick has also been struggling, highlighted by his 4 picks last week. This should be a blowout.

Rams (1-2) at Cardinals (3-0)

Winner: Cardinals. The Cardinals have possibly been the best team so far this year. Carson Palmer seems to be reborn, as with Larry Fitzgerald. They will face a tough defensive line this week, but they should win regardless. The Rams offense has had trouble and the Cardinals defense picked off Colin Kaepernick 4 times last week.

Vikings (1-2) at Broncos (3-0)

Winner: Vikings. The upset of the week here. Peyton Manning has not been the best since late last season. Yes, he did better against the Chiefs(who gave up 5 passing touchdowns last week) and the Lions (0-3, without team leader Deandre Levy) but he should go back to his struggles against a tough Vikings defense. They have a great defense line and secondary. The Broncos have been good on defense, but they haven’t been tested on the ground. Jamaal Charles torched them for 125 yards and a touchdown in week 2. Adrian Peterson has gotten his MVP form back and should go off. The Broncos have been the best passing defense in the league, but the Vikings often rely on their running game a lot more than there passing game. It will also be slightly cold at around 40 degrees, and I’m sure you have heard of Peyton Manning when it is below 40 degrees.

Night Games

Sunday: Cowboys (1-2) at Saints (0-3)

Winner: Saints. Drew Brees is expected to play. He should guide a 0-3 team to their first win against a team with Brandon Weeden starting.

Monday: Detroit (0-3) at Seahawks (1-2)

Winner: Seahawks. It’s hard to believe both of these teams records after last years success. The Lions are in win or die mode, but I just can’t see them going into Seattle and stealing a win. The Seahawks control the ball and rely on their defense to win their second game on the season and bounce back after starting 0-2.

Teams on a bye:

Titans (1-2)

Patriots (3-0)