How to Wake up

How to Wake up

By Ian Shimizu, Reporter


We’ve all had this moment. Your alarm clock goes off, you get angry because you want to sleep longer, and you hit the snooze button until your parents come in and yell at you to get up and ready. Or, you wake up and go to your kitchen and drink a gallon of coffee before you leave for school. Everyone has trouble waking up for school, especially since our school starts very early and some have to get up as early as 5 AM. Luckily, there are some ways you can do to prevent being late or getting grounded because your parents get mad- or drinking coffee which isn’t good for you to drink daily.

One of the ways to wake up easy is simple- just get more sleep. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep to feel fully rested and refreshed the next day. Since we’re teens and most of us are still growing, we need 8 hours for our body and mind to be active. A lack can lead to bad grades and from lack of sleep has the same effect on grades as drug use. Lack of sleep will make it almost impossible to wake up for school. You may want to finish that game you’re playing or keep talking to your friends, but remember how you will feel the next day.

Another way to wake up easier is to wake up a few minutes earlier. Then, think about what motivates you and the things that make you still want to live. This can help you greatly, and if you want you can  wake up around 30 minutes earlier to get in some exercise. If you are motivated for something in the day, you will want to wake up in the morning and actually look forward to it. I’m sure we all remember as kids how we didn’t even want to sleep on Christmas Eve. This was because we were excited and looked forward to it. Well, if you want to wake up easier you could apply this feeling daily.

Another way to wake up easier is to take a shower in the morning. You obviously still have to wake up first, but after that a cold shower will help you wake up greatly. I know from my own experiences without a shower in the morning I feel really drained in the day. It is a lot easier to wake up with a cold shower, even though you might feel like a warm one. Cold things help wake up your body while warm might actually make your body more tired.

The last way I will tell you is make sure your alarm clock is away from your bed so you can’t hit snooze and have to get up to turn it off. It is too easy to hit snooze if it is right next to you. Also, it will make you get up unless you want it to keep beeping, which will not let you go back to sleep. This can help greatly, especially if you’re someone who tends to hit the snooze button multiple times before you get up. This way can also stop you from being late because you can’t hit snooze.

You now know some ways to get up easier. These methods would work best if you used them together, which will make your morning woes go away. Any of them will work, and maybe now mornings won’t be as hard.