Join Action Team!

Join Action Team!

By Molly Carr and Madison Duncan

Last year, the Action Team Club joined the many clubs already at Greenwood. This club was created by a small group of students and Mr. Hazard, the student sponsor.  Abbi Woodcock, President of the Action Team, and Taylor Campbell, Vice President of the Action Team, were both very devoted in helping make this club possible.

The Action Team Club was started last year to give the students an opportunity to find service hours within the community and give them a way to easily find volunteer hours for the clubs that require them, such as Beta, FCCLA, HOSA, and many more.  As Abbi said, “I started the Action Team because being in Beta helped me realize how hard it is to find community service hours that are fun, entertaining, and just plain rewarding.  Therefore, I created the club to assist those, like me, who are unsure of where to go to find opportunities to help our community.”

Last year the Action Team helped paint some rooms for the Salvation Army. And another weekend the group volunteered at the local soup kitchen to help out in the serving line. The Action Team even helps the community by donating things like they did for the Humane Society by giving supplies for the animals. There are many opportunities to find the service hours though many will fall on the weekend some may fall on a weekday after school. Or if there is no school one day the team will find community hours on those days so more people can join in. The Action Team gives many community hours, so if you miss one don’t worry because a new opportunity will arise!

The Action Team hopes to recruit many members this year so if you are interested in helping the community or if you need help finding hours for the clubs you are in please join!! As Taylor said, “The Action Team is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and help the community.”

Information to join the club will be at the Action Team booth at Club Rush on September 4th or visit the Action Team website