A Hobby that Turns Into a Job

A Hobby that Turns Into a Job

By Ian Shimizu, Reporter

Lots of people dream to one day be a popular Youtuber. A few Youtubers have became millionaires from full time Youtube and are many kids role models. Lots of them are growing and are making millions of dollars for simply making videos and posting them. But they do much more than just be funny and post it and get millions of views. Good Youtubers make daily videos that involves hours of editing,and  they have to make people laugh. It isn’t nearly as easy as most think to be a Youtuber. I will talk about some popular Youtubers that aren’t too inappropriate that you may want to check out.


Smosh is a comedy channel that has two main characters, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They recently hit 20 million subscribers, the second most in all of Youtube. They make good money and post about every other day. Their videos are about random things about their lives, often having other characters in them. They have many series such as if blank were real series. They are one of the most well known channels on Youtube and are in my opinion one of the most funny ones on Youtube. They just came out with a movie, yes, a movie called Smosh the Movie. They also make albums. They started Youtube when they were teens in 2006 out of boredom, also being one of the oldest Youtube channels as Youtube wasn’t invented until 2005.

        Chris Smoove

Chris Smoove is a Youtuber who works full time Youtube. He has around 2 million subscribers, and he uploads usually multiple videos a day. He mainly does NBA2k but also plays Madden,FIFA, and does game walkthroughs. Most people watch him because of how good he is at games and because he is funny. He is funny but more laid back than other Youtubers. He almost never cusses and is probably the most popular 2K gamer. He plays multiple game modes on 2K, mainly MyCareer and MyTEAM. he makes enough money on Youtube to have a big house and a sports car, and is one of my favorite Youtubers.

       React Channel

The React Channel was made by a group of guys who owned a business. They get people to come in and react to videos. They have 11 million subscribers, good enough for top 30 on Youtube. Some of their best videos in my opinion include “Elders play GTA 5” and “Try not to laugh challenge”. They upload daily and watching them will for sure make you laugh.


Jesserthelazer is probably my favorite Youtuber. Of course, one of those reasons is that I like NBa2k. If you play NBA2k than you need to check him out. He spends a lot of time editing his videos and is extremely funny. He is also one of the most underrated, as he only has 150k subs. But he deserves more than almost anyone, as he is very funny and is good at the games he plays. He often does wagers and other modes that make even you nervous about who will win. He is a high school student and uploads daily in the summer and every few days during the school year. He also does things called pack and pain that involves opening packs on nba and the loser having to do things like taking an ice bath or eating a habanero pepper. I watch his videos more than any other Youtuber.

       Prank channel

The Prank Channel does exactly what their name says. They prank people in public and post it on Youtube. They do things like eating other peoples food and messing with people in the bathroom and have some videos about how their pranks went wrong. They are very funny and have a few million subscribers. There are multiple prankers who are in their videos.

So now you know some channels on Youtube that you need to check out. There are thousands of other good channels that you could check out, these are just some that I recommend.