Start To Freshman Year

By Sophie South

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I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock going off. It was 5:45 in the morning, and I was tired beyond measure. I was honestly so nervous to go to Greenwood the first day of school. My brother would also be going to Greenwood as a senior, so that made me feel a bit more relaxed. I was shaken up at the thought of being the youngest grade and age of the school.

I got ready, and my mom forced us to take pictures in front of the door just like every other year. My brother had to arrive at school early, so I rode with my mom. Worst mistake of my life! She was making sure I had everything, and threw hand sanitizer, spray listerine, and lotion at me to keep at school and to take with me. She kept rambling on about being careful and have a fun time, which didn’t make me feel any better since I was already nervous. I stepped out of the car door, and I was so overwhelmed at the thought of stepping in that building. I walked up to the door slowly greeted by Mrs. Bush and Mr. Buser. I walked through the gym hallway, and stepped into the main hallway filled to the max with people. I found my friend emma, so I talked to her.  I told her, “I have no clue where I’m supposed to go and this is SO huge!

She agreed, and I walked towards the front hallway to find my top locker. I then tried to find my homeroom, and I was lost. I asked teachers all around, and then I finally found my destination. Thankfully I knew most of the people in there, and two of my best friends are in there. We then transitioned to our classes, and I found out it wasn’t so bad after all for the first day. Lunch was actually really hectic. First my friend Daphne and I sat on the edge of a table towards the lunch lines, and we were getting smushed so we finally found a decent spot to sit. The rest of the day went by smoothly, and I found all of my classes okay. Not too bad for the first day of school. I was so thankful that my judgements on high school were inaccurate.

What you make your first day is all depending on you. If you’re open and happy, your day will be great. If you are shy and stay low, then it’s going to turn out horrible. High school is what you make it. If you aren’t involved with anything, then your experience is going to be unuseful and boring. If you join clubs and be social, your high school experience is going to be totally worth it! What I’m trying to say is to be open, be social, and make the next four years count. Trust me, you will be graduating before you know it.

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