Do you think online classes are useful or effective?

This is based on personal opinions based on the people questioned positively and negatively to elaborate. The exact words of the answers will not be used to make it easier for the reader to read, anyone can contribute and comment on this, it will be divided into two parts: the positive effect and the negative effect, to make it easy to read and give an opinion.

By Ilhan A.

Online classes may have been very helpful at first but then stopped being as effective because most people with few resources who didn’t have or couldn’t have internet access or even a computer but schools came to provide access to a computer and internet for people who perhaps did not have that access or due to low resources but were not enough for which some could not have and missed or skipped classes due to the pandemic the short periods of time they were in each class they were very short less than half the duration of a face-to-face class before the pandemic In addition, most people used that free time they gave just to play (with anything) or travel with their family and not do most of the job. the school so as not to lose part of the learning also because having short periods of time it was easy to get lost and not pay enough attention also the connection errors that there were due to the saturation of people on the network something that deserves is that they were more productive than when they were in person and they were more cooperative.