Is Choir A Good Class to Take?


By Rosalynda Fabian

Choir is an elective class that you can take here at Greenwood. Is it a class worth taking though?

Choir usually has concerts about once or twice a semester, which always goes well. According to Mrs. Sells, “We always fill the auditorium, and the Greenwood community is very supportive.” While choir consists of mainly singing, they also do tons of other activities such as music theory and notation, learning and composing music, and karaoke. Many people believe that you have to know how to sing in order to join choir, and that is not true at all. Mrs. Sells stated, “You don’t have to know how to, you just have to be willing to learn how to sing.” She also stated that teaching choir was her favorite thing ever, and students think of her as a very fun and understanding teacher who cares about her student’s growth. Kaelyn Sweat described her as, “Very quirky.” Ava Emberton said she “Tends to be very energetic.”

Past and current students that already possessed a talent for singing have mentioned that they’ve improved lots while taking this class. Alex Collins, who has made All-State, (All-State is whenever you send a tape of you singing a certain piece, and the state chooses certain people out of the whole state to go) said he was able to polish the knowledge and ability he already had, while Liz Do said that she was, “More confident with her singing after taking this class.” Kaelyn Sweat said that she, “Went from knowing nothing to knowing the basic knowledge of singing.” 

If you care about singing you should 100% take choir. It’s a really fun class to take, and it, “Helps you grow a lot as a singer,” Ava Emberton said. The class is easy and very welcoming. Alex Collins rated it a 9/10 saying it was his favorite class, while Abby Thomas rated it a 10/10 saying she would do it again given a chance. People’s ability after taking the class shows that what Mrs. Sells is teaching works! 

So, is choir a good class to take? Based on everyone’s response the answer is yes. Mrs. Sells is a great teacher, and the class itself seems very beneficial to anyone who is interested in singing.