Mr. Spears’s Marketing Class


By Joy Davis, Reporter

Mr. Spears’ marketing class is a fun, interactive class that many students enjoy but many don’t know why he teaches it. Principles of Marketing educates students on the story behind marketing and storytelling.

Mr. Spears chose marketing “ I chose to teach marketing because I love talking about the story that businesses provide, and the story that businesses tell their consumers as a reason why they need to shop.” He also said that he loves the psychology behind why you buy and want things. Mr. Spears loves teaching marketing and never wants to not teach it. He said, “It’s primarily freshman, so I just have a lot of fun.”

 If he could choose another class to teach, he’d choose to teach Business Ethics because he said he would be able to teach from a higher perspective. He said, “In ethics, I would get to talk about the legal side of things; the moral value of companies and people, and that would be fun to me.” Mr. Spears says he works really hard for people to like his class. He hopes that they do and that it will always be the goal for people to have fun and learn. He wants to continue teaching marketing. “It is a ton of fun and I get to try something new every day,” he said.

Students had only good reviews when it came to his marketing class. Riko Ikutame, a sophomore student at Greenwood High School, thought that the class was fun and interactive. She stated, “I got to meet tons of new people and make lots of new friends.” Riko Ikutame found this class helpful sometimes but she added jokingly, “I was very confused a lot.” Morgan Trevor, a sophomore student at Greenwood High School thought that the class was very engaging and memorable. Morgan Trevor said, “My favorite part was working in group activities and interacting with our table groups to come up with new ideas and answers.” Unlike Morgan’s response, Riko happily mentioned, “My favorite part was definitely working in group projects with my first group and I also like how it was so different compared to my other classes.” They both recommended this class for anyone wanting to take it in the future.

Principles of Marketing is a good class to take, especially if you love group work and interacting with the class and Mr. Spears is a dedicated teacher, involved and always present with his class. Taking this class will teach you how to have good communication, customer service, and an understanding of the real world’s workplaces and workforces.