Math, Teaching, and Everything in Between with Ms. Price

Math, Teaching, and Everything in Between with Ms. Price

By Arden Dethridge, Reporter

Ms. Rebecca Price is a first year teacher at Greenwood High School. She teaches math and up until recently was involved with Greenwood’s tennis team. Whenever Ms. Price is not at school, she enjoys hiking and traveling in her free time. 


Ms. Price had to navigate through the difficulties of being a first year teacher- and as if that wasn’t enough, she had to do it during a pandemic. Covid-19 is not a stranger to anybody. It limits how you interact with people and how often you see others. “With Covid, I can’t do as many group activities as I would like,” said Ms. Price. The restrictions can make teaching grueling and at times impossible because you cannot form the essential classmate bonds that are required for a beneficial learning environment.


Despite the struggles, Ms. Price has had a good first semester at Greenwood. “Greenwood’s better than any school I have ever been at. I really like it here,” she says. Her favorite part of teaching is being around the students that make the day what it is. She likes to assist students in math because it can be a difficult subject to learn. “I think math is difficult. It’s a lot of patterns and thinking logically of where things go. It doesn’t have a lot of creativity in it.” 


Ms. Price chose to go into a teaching profession because she loves math and the challenging aspect it provides, but wasn’t somebody to research sitting behind a desk computer all day. Teaching seemed like a good alternative for what she wanted to do.


If Ms. Price was able to change anything from when she first started, she would tell herself to slow down. She encourages this piece of advice onto any other new teachers. There can be a negative outcome on just throwing content at students because it can overwhelm them, and this is the opposite of what Ms. Prices strives for her classroom to be like. She advocates for a joyful place for students to feel safe while learning. You can find Ms. Price in her classroom or out on a hiking trail, always with a smile on her face.