Managing Stress As High School Students

By Makayla Smith

Teens can become stressed for multiple reasons. It can be from doing school work or just loud and annoying distractions. Alice Ruat, a freshman, said that since she has started school, she feels like her stress levels have increased, because of the different atmosphere of assignments. The average stress level in teens is 4.6%, but it can increase to 5.8%, according to, and is 0.7% higher than the average adult. That is agreeably upsetting. 

Tori Waller, a 9th grade student at Greenwood Highschool, said that she becomes stressed every other day.Though not because of school work, but because of the annoyance of others around her “People who make me upset or annoy me stress me out.” Whenever she feels herself becoming stressed she just takes deep breaths. What can we do to maintain our own stress and have an enjoyable high school experience? There are multiple solutions,ranging from meditation all the way to just taking deep breaths like Tori.

A major tip for keeping yourself unstressed is doing something that you enjoy that personally relaxes you. “Listening to music is the best way I can calm myself.” Soe Meh, a 9th grader at Greenwood, said she finds herself stressed often because of non school related issues. Even though stress is a big issue in Soe’s life, listening to music relaxes her mind and puts her in a good mood. Blessing Kibawa, a Freshman at Greenwood, said she doesn’t become stressed that easily but often from biology assignments and listening to music also helps her. She said “it calms me down the fastest”. According to, “Listening to music stimulates your mind.” Mind stimulation is very beneficial because it keeps your brain active. An active brain increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

     A way to easily prevent yourself from being as stressed is getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause learning to become more difficult,which is something nobody wants for themselves. An easy way to allow yourself to have more sleep is by not worrying. Going to bed as calm as you can causes longer sleep measurements. You can do this by going to bed with a positive mind set or thinking about something that makes you cheerful and keeps your mood upbeat. For example, you can imagine yourself in your favorite cartoon or book and fall asleep with that in mind. Keeping your mind off things that worry you, or give you anxiety will not help you stay relaxed.

     Try not to overthink. The main cause of overthinking is anxiety. Working at a moderate pace can keep your mind alleviated. That is why the best you can do is approach an assignment or task calmly. Alice, a freshman, said that biology stresses her out the most, but a way that she said helps her deal with this issue is, “I try to finish the homework that is due more recently.”  Be confident in your work and when you feel confused, you can always ask for help. The main way Alice makes herself confident when doing assessments and assignments is she makes sure to study and have 100% understanding of a topic to keep herself alleviated when finishing homework. After Alice was asked, if it takes her longer to do assignments when stressed, she answered the question and closed it leaving a tip “Oh yeah, definitely, when you’re facing something in your life and you have school work on top of that you will not be able to focus.”

     To prevent depression, headaches, high blood pressure and anxiety, do the recommended tips when you think you’re stressed and in a bad mood. The care of your mental health makes a difference in your mind, mood, behavior and body health. It’s best to treat it with seriousness.