How Governors Bill Lee and Andy Beshear Deal with the Delta Variant in schools

By Viviana Hernandez, Reporter

How Governors Bill Lee and Andy Beshear Deal with the Delta Variant with Schools


Republican governor Bill Lee and Democrat governor Andy Beshear have very different opinions on mask mandates in school. Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, has signed an executive order that allows parents to opt their children out of a school mask mandate if either a schools board or health board enacts one over a district. The order states is that “a parent or guardian has the right to opt their child who attends kindergarten-12 grade out of any face coverings at school, on a school bus or at a school event”.

Bill Lee said, “While local decision making by a parent on issues regarding the health and well being of their child is the most important.” Bill Lee also stated that “It’s frustrating that we’re headed into another school year with these challenges. It’s disheartening that the COVID-19 challenge continues, but I’m proud of Tennesseans who, in spite of suffering, have persevered, and because of their character, there’s great hope.’’

 Kentucky governor Andy Beshear lifted most of his indoor COVID-19 restrictions in June 2021. But while COVID-19 cases are currently rising due to the delta variant, Andy Beshears recently signed an executive order imposing an order mask mandate in grades K-12, child care and pre-Kindergarten programs all across the state. The executive order also applies to teachers, staff members and visitors.

 Andy Beshears stated,” As you know, kids under twelve don’t have the opportunity to get vaccinated and what we are seeing is Covid-19 already impacting our schools across the commonwealth.” and that is one of the reasons why Andy Beshears signed the executive order imposing an order mask mandate. According to Courier Journal ( Andy Beshear was asked why he rescinded the mandate. Andy Beshear pointed to the supreme court ruling and said, “We thought that was a step that needed to be taken”.

According to Courier ( Journal Andy Beshears said,”Folks, the COVID-19 delta variant is spreading aggressively through the commonwealth as we see a surge in cases that is causing hospitals to reach capacity and schools to close,” Beshear also tweeted. “We’ve got to act.” As we can see the Delta variant did cause the governor of Kentucky to sign another mask mandate executive order.