The Best Sport To Go Watch At GHS

By Kenlee Montgomery, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what students may think the “best sport” to go watch here at Greenwood is? The students attend many of the sporting events that are hosted, which makes our school spirit immense. Students make a point to rally behind and support their classmates, friends and relatives. that may be playing. It’s not required to go watch the many different games, but a lot of people do it because they choose to. 

All four of the grade levels had the opportunity to answer them. The ages range from about 14-18 for the students at Greenwood High School. The graphs represent the percentages of students’ answers, and shows the contrasts between what was chosen, and what was not. Taking the lead, a bigger variation of students that are sophomores answered the questions, which was about 31.3% The grade level that had the least amount of students that answered the questions, were Seniors, with a 17.9%. Though, the Freshman were pretty close with the Sophomores on responding.

While wondering how many students may play a sport, and the ones who do not, there was a bigger proportion of students who don’t play one. 61% of students picked that they did not play a sport, where the other 39% said that they do play one. This might’ve not been so shocking, due to the fact that COVID-19 is still around. Many of them may be scared of getting sick, so they choose not to play one. Another thing is that there’s still a lot of quarantining that’s happening, which causes the students to miss school, and it makes this sports season tough on others. There’s just a lot of effects that take place during this tough time, which may lead to the fact that they don’t want to have to worry about other additional things. For the students that said they do play a sport (or some), the top 3 sports that were chosen that people play at GHS, is #1. Soccer, #2. Basketball, #3. Football and Tennis tied

The top picked sport was football with 42.6%. More than ¾ of the school goes and attends the football games at Greenwood. We are known for our huge student section, and there are a lot of events that go on there, also. As well as the “Rafferty’s Bowl” which many people go to have fun and watch while supporting their own school. It’s most popular during the middle of September, and all of October, because that’s when fall starts to happen, and it slowly gets cold. Making it the perfect weather to go outside and have a great time. Coming up behind football, there’s soccer with 16.2%. There are a lot of people that play soccer, as you can see, due to it being the most played sport at GHS. Soccer comes with a lot of footwork and being able to be consistent. This sport is most popular during the hot weather, or the 70 degree type of weather. Then, we have basketball with 12.5%. Lots of people love watching this sport during the late fall and winter time, since that’s when it usually starts up. Though, this sport starts during the half of the school year.

25% of students said the main reason they go to the games is to hangout with friends. That is believable because there are all kinds of people that attend sporting events. There are some who sit and talk on the bleachers, some who walk and talk with friends around the track, and others who attend, so they can dress up to the theme with their friends. 18.4% of students said it was fun, because there’s so many things to do at the games, like going to the concession stands, talking to your friends outside of school, and cheering on others. Whereas, 17.6% of them picked that they go to watch someone they know play. At Greenwood High School, more than half of the students most likely have siblings, and know a pretty good amount of peers. Or maybe even their other relatives, and friends, too.

It was very interesting to see the differing perspectives of all ages here at the Swamp. Most of them had their own opinions, and made sure to respond, even if they had a different idea of what was listed. Having said that, it was so cool to see a lot of the answers come together, and seeing the percentages of how many of them chose the answer that they did.