What Sport Do You Play?

By Kenlee Montgomery

Have you ever wondered what some of the Freshman’s first thoughts when coming to a brand new school is? Or what their interests may be? Many of them get interested in sports, and want to try out for some of the teams, here at Greenwood High School. For many of them, it helps them with the brand new transition they’re making, because they get to know more of the upperclassmen more quickly. 

Jeremiah Miller, a freshman at Greenwood High School, plays on the Greenwood High School football team. While wondering why he wanted to play football, he replied with, “I wanted to play football, because I wanted to try something new, and I got the opportunity to do it.” The only type of football that he has done, has been throwing and playing with his friends outside of school, so this is his first real year of football. He talked about his favorite team a lot. He said, “My favorite team in the NFL is the New Orlean Saints.” He mentioned that he likes most of the players on the team, and when he’s playing, he looks up to them. Jeremiah’s favorite thing about playing football, is all the energy going on during the game. The positions that he plays on the field is the offensive right guard and the defensive nose. He explained how the offensive right guard is the first person on the right of the center, and he helps protect the quarterback from the approaching defensive linemen during the pass plays. They also create openings, so that the running backs can head through. The other position he plays is the defensive nose, lines up against the center and has to try to get around the other player, while trying to get to the quarterback as fast as possible. 

Emerson Graber, plays on the Greenwood High School volleyball team, as a freshman, also. She told me why she wanted to play, and she said softly, “I started playing, because my friends wanted me to play with them.” After she first started playing, she told me that she fell in love with the sport, and wanted to continue playing it. Asking Emerson about her favorite thing in volleyball, she responded with, “I love the excitement of playing a sport that I love!” On her social media, she also posts her playing volleyball, and she looks incredibly happy. Emerson has been playing volleyball since her 5th grade year of school. The position that she plays is a DS, which is short for Defensive Specialist. The Defensive Specialist helps pass, digs (a squatting ish position) and has backrow attacks with the ball. She also plays as a right side hitter, which waits for the ball to be hit over and then digs down to hit the ball. She looks up to a specific person she knows, and her name is Katie Howard, who came from Greenwood High School, and she is now at WKU playing volleyball there in college, which the campus is close to Greenwood.

Jaxton Young plays Basketball, but he hasn’t tried out for the Greenwood High School Basketball team. He didn’t really have much of a reason on why he started playing basketball, but he said some of the reasons were, since he’s tall (6’2), finds it fun/enjoyable to play, and very entertaining in his free time. His favorite thing about playing basketball that he said, is “it’s cool, it’s a very popular sport, and helps distract me when I’m in a bad or bored mood.” Some of the players that he looks up to in the NBA, are Michael Jordan, Anthony Davis and Larry Bird. Those are some of his favorite people to watch, or watching their old videos, too. He says that they inspire him greatly. The position that Jaxton plays is Center. This is because he is usually the tallest on the team, and the center’s job is to grab rebounds and shoot layups. Though, when the other team has the ball, then his job is to block the opponents shots, and their rebounds that they miss when they’re trying to shoot the basketball.

As a result, there was a lot that they shared about the sport they play, here at Greenwood High School. While they were telling me about their favorite things about it, too. It’s very interesting to see their different opinions on it and why they feel that way. It was very nice interviewing them, because they were very patient and open with talking about their sport. Also, if some people didn’t know about the position they play or what the main role of it was, they got to learn a little bit about it.