Wearing Masks

By Sarah Keyes

            On August 10, 2021, Andy Beshear, Kentucky’s Governor announced a mask mandate for all Kentucky schools. “We have changed in the blink of an eye, from a quiet, calm state to a horribly inflamed state,” said Governor Andy Beshear.

             Some people think students at Greenwood High School should have to wear masks everywhere, while others think we shouldn’t.  Ellie Fields, a junior at Greenwood High School, thinks we shouldn’t have to wear masks. Ellie said,” We shouldn’t have to wear them at school and if you’re fully vaccinated you shouldn’t be required to. She also said, “no, little kids should not have to wear masks.” She thinks one type of mask is more effective than another type. She said, “The only masks that work are the N95 masks.’’

            Sophia Koppensteiner, a senior at Greenwood High School,  thinks that we should have to wear masks. She said that we should have to wear them at school because, “Last year, legislation was passed to only allow 10 NTI days per year, which means that we could not go hybrid or virtual without making it up at the end of the year.” With all of the different types of masks out on the market, there is probably one that works best. “Surgical masks or KN95 masks are more effective because they fit a lot better and they were made for medical reasons.” Said Koppensteiner.  She thinks even if you’re six feet apart you shouldn’t take your mask off because there has been research done showing that the particles linger in the air.

            Avery Buser, a sophomore at Greenwood High School, thinks wearing masks should be an option. She doesn’t think masks are helping prevent COVID-19, “Because they are dumb.” She also thinks if you’re vaccinated or under the age of three you shouldn’t have to wear a mask. She thinks that surgical masks are the most effective mask, “Because they hold the germs in.” Avery thinks it’s fine to take your mask off as long as you’re six feet apart from other people. 

            “Masks may be more effective as a “source control” because they can prevent larger expelled droplets from evaporating into smaller droplets that can travel farther.” Said ucsf.edu. The FDA says that wearing a face mask can limit exposure to respiratory droplets and large particles and may help people who have COVID-19 from spreading the disease.