What’s The Meaning of Life To Me?


By Hannah Humble, Reporter

    I have been asked the question, “What’s the meaning of life to you?” many times. Since I have grown older and matured, my answers have changed, but in ways that I would have never expected to say. Being asked this question really makes you think about what you do as a person and what your role is when it comes to living this crazy life here on earth. I love asking people this question because it really shows who they are and what they want to accomplish in their short time here. If you were asked this question, what would be your answer?

    I was first posed this question when I was in Elementary school. Of course my answer was along the lines of  “I’m supposed to have fun with my friends and eat food.” The more that I have thought about this question, the more that I realize how important it is; this shows who you are and what you believe. Life is short and you get to decide how you want to live it. A phrase that is commonly used is “YOLO”, meaning “You Only Live Once.” I am very guilty of using this phrase commonly. So what is the meaning of life to me? Simple: Life for me is to share the good news of Jesus and what he has done for me, as well as the whole world. But it’s most likely not what you expect when I say how I do it.

    Jesus is the meaning of life to me. But I also believe that life is so much fun! We are set on this planet to make a CHANGE, and that’s what I want to accomplish when I am here- I want to be the change and make a difference. So many little things make up the meaning of life: sweet tea, traveling, sports, friends, family, movies, late night drives, ice cream, and so much more. But, how do I use these to share who God is? I show people that when you live in the comfort of Jesus, life is so much more fun than you would ever imagine. I am a very loud, crazy, and spontaneous person, but these things all come naturally to me. I use these traits to go out of my comfort zone to share what I believe is the meaning of life- given by God!

    The gospel is why I live to exist. When I give people this answer, they tend to give me a funny look. But the gospel to me is the reason that we are all able to live here on earth, as well as our afterlife in heaven. A little rundown of my beliefs: God sent his son, Jesus Christ on earth to live a human life. He was (and still is) the Messiah and he is connected with God the Father, and the Holy Spirit. He died brutally on a cross because people didn’t like what he was proclaiming. But 3 days later, he rose himself up from the grave. He was only on earth for a short amount of time until he ascended up to heaven. He died for us, so that we are able to live a life full of joy, peace, and comfort. He has also given us a choice to live with him in heaven for eternity.

    Now that you know a little of what I believe, I’ll explain why I think it’s important to have fun while sharing. I believe that in most cases, actions speak louder than words. So I want to be someone who LOVES on the people that don’t normally get loved. I want to bring a smile to someone who is having a bad day. I want to be a friend to the friendless. I want to bring joy to someone who is going through a life crisis. And I want to bring FUN to those who long to be fulfilled and seen. Being an Enneagram 7, I love life and everything about it. Days never get easier, but living life on the fun side of Jesus, it genuinely makes me happy all the time.

    Some things that bring me life are sweet tea, having random dances to LOUD music, and getting late night ice cream. My life here isn’t complete until I die, so I believe that I am needed to fulfill it to the best of my ability. When I get asked this question, my answers gradually get more and more fun because the older Iget, the more I realize how FUN life is, despite the circumstances. I always cared what people thought about me up until my freshman year of High School. I am here to live for the one who died for me!!

    The meaning of life to me is to live like every day is my last. So every day is like a party- but with that comes great responsibility because I am called to be a witness to people when it comes to Jesus. I want to make a CHANGE in this world. I want to be known as that fun girl who loves life. I want to be a voice to those who don’t think they have one. I want life to be fun. And I want to live my life to the fullest. This is the meaning of life to me.