One Person I’m Glad I Met


By Niang Piang, Reporter

     5 years ago, I didn’t know that I would meet someone that is special to me until this day. Zuunnu. She is my best friend. She is about 11 months younger than me but we get along very well, despite our age difference. We live more than 7 hours away from each other now but we FaceTime each other when we have time.

What I love about our friendship is that we’re both equally weird and goofy. Having the same energy with someone is hard to find because we all have different personality traits. But out of everyone that I’ve met so far, I am proud to say that I have met the best friend of my life. We do have our ups and downs, but it was never too bad that we stopped being friends. And I’m glad that it’s like that because it would be really hard to find another friend like her.

 We first met at a friends house for a song practice in 2016. They’ve recently moved from Malaysia to the United States. When I first met her, we both didn’t approach each other at all. She was already friends with my friend; the daughter of the owner of the house that we practiced our song at. Our friendship started developing during summer school. We were both in the same class because we and our classmates were all ESL students. During summer school, we and our classmates went on multiple trips that brought me and Zuunnu closer at the time. We went to the same school, same church, and we would see each other pretty much a lot.

At the year of 2018, me and Zuunnu got even closer into our friendship. We both considered each other as BFFs. We both had several things that almost destroyed our friendship but our bond was too strong and I’m glad that it is because even to this day, when I have a very bad day, I talk to her and for a moment, the bad energy that surrounded me goes away. My main point is, when you surround yourself with people with positive energy, you’ll have a better life of moments that you can always look back at. So, it’s very important to surely do yourself with positive people.

Hopefully, everyone has a person/friend or loved one that they can always rely on. And if you don’t, it’s always good to be independent as well but go out there and make some friends and get out of your comfort zone! Have a great day!