​If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Want To Travel To?


By Niang Piang, Reporter

There’s a particular place that we all want to travel to, isn’t there? 


       If I could travel to a particular place it would be Seoul, South Korea. Seoul, South Korea is best known for, “Home to sleek skyscrapers and shopping malls”. In description, it is said that “Seoul has an extensive subway system, where notable landmarks are usually a few stops away from each other. There are also many bustling shopping districts with dining, retail, and nightlife opportunities for visitors of all ages” (https://www.hotels.com/go/south-korea/best-seoul-things-to-do).

 I want to look around the city, stop by some stores, malls, grocery stores, and enjoy walking around the city with my favorite people. I’ve always seen the city only through  K-dramas, as silly as that may have sounded. Taking a look at pictures or videos of people that actually got to travel or visit Seoul, South Korea is very interesting. Most of the people that seemed to like it more than they expected. I think the main reason why I want to go there is because it looks romantic and soothing to see yourself in that place. 

 I asked my friend Nga Meh(Maria), “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel to? And why?” She answered, “I would like to travel to Thailand because that is where I was born. I also miss my cousins.” “There is  a lot of food that I liked and here it doesn’t taste the same as in Thailand.” 

 I  also asked one of my teacher, Mrs.Stinson, where she would like to travel and she replied, “Thank you for thinking about me for your assignment.  I have several lifetime travel goals, but my first is to see more of the western part of the USA.  I would like to take two or three weeks and drive out west and stop to see the Grand Canyon and parts of Montana and Colorado.  I would like to begin by seeing the national parks in those states and follow by seeing smaller tourist attractions around those parks.”


The world is full of beautiful places, and I think it’s really awesome how we all have a certain place that we want to go to. We all have a place that we all long to visit/travel to, and wherever that place may be, maybe one day you’ll get to go there.