Gion Matsuri

By Ma'Laya Sanders, Writer



Gion Matsuri 2021 - July Events in Kyoto - Japan Travel


Gion Matsuri is a japan legend it starts on July 1st- July 31st, In central Kyoto it is been going on since there ann sisters originate Asia . The festivals is looked at as a way to come in contact with the souls of your family.

There is two types of floats that catches the main eye of almost everyone the first one is called “Yama” and the second one is “Hoko”. This floats are very important and have a lot of respect from the people because they are known to be lucky and have some of their old family members.  A local boy is picked out and is chosen to send a message to the spirits  that are known to be on the float. 

The floats are both made 5 months before the festivals even takes place the floats are designed with every color but more black then any other color. It is known that if you the float of “Yoma” you will be blessed . People go and touch and pray on this float because it is known as a lucky charm . The floats are pulled through out the stress and people throw colors and flowers