New Faces and Changes in Motocross

New Faces and Changes in Motocross

New Faces and Changes in Motocross


There have been some major injuries lately in the motocross season. There have also been some changes that will impact the future. A new bike has been released for the 2020 season, GasGas. It will be raced in the 250 and the 450 classes. It was designed by Narcis Casas and Josep Pibernat. GasGas was purchased by KTM in 2019.


Some changes that have been made are Cristian Craig is moving to Yamaha from Honda and Jeremy Martin is also moving to Yamaha from Honda. Jeremy Martin’s changes will impact the season because Dylan Fernandis, his teammate, is a really good rider and Jeremy will have a chance of making himself known as being a rider of team Yamaha and showing who is the better rider.


There are special helmets used for this particular sport that includes absorbing gel-like foam for when you crash and hit your head. There are also chest protectors to protect your ribs and lungs and spine. The boots are made stiff and unbreakable to protect your feet, toes, and ankles. Although there are many ways to protect yourself, there is always a chance that you will get hurt. Then you have the knee guards to protect your knees and parts of your legs for when you crash and hit your knees first. 


450 Injuries:


Rider: Injuries:
Jason Anderson Plate removed in his arm
Blake Bagget Cyst on his right hand
Justin Barcia Sore but no injuries
Jeremy Hand Fractured Scaphoid
Henry Miller Dislocated Wrist
Aaron Plessinger  Dislocated Wrist
Luke Renzland Concussion
Ken Roczen Health Issues
Joey Savatgy Twisted Ankle
John Short Sore but no major injuries
Cooper Webb Recovering injury from multiple herniated discs in his back
Dean Wilson Slight tear in his left: meniscus


250 injuries:


Rider: Injuries:
Pierce Brown Knee Injury
Derek Drake Health Issues
Austin Forkner Injury to the pancreas, liver, kidney, and spleen
Mason Gonzales Sore but no injuries 
RJ Hampshire Broken hand
Garret Marchbanks Injury to the ribs, back, and lung
Ty Masterpool Leg Injury
Cameron Mcadoo Broken hand and 3 fingers
Michael Mosiman Concussion
Colt Nichols  Hand Injury
Stilez Roberston Head Injury
Darian Sanayei Broken Shoulder
Jordan Smith  Torn ACL
Jalek Swoll Separated Shoulder
Tevin Tapia Fractured c6 and c7 in his neck