A Review of Super Mario 3D All-Stars

By Jackson Davis Bryant, reporter



It is well known that the Super Mario game franchise was one of the first-ever widespread video game phenomena becoming the first popular video games. Recently the three most influential games of the series were recently released all together for Mario’s anniversary. While the games were mostly revamped, the games still have some problems, and I will talk about each of the games in detail.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 was the first ever 3D Mario game and one of the first 3D Nintendo games in general with full 3D models. Nintendo have always had throwbacks to this game but surprisingly it was not emulated to the switch before All-stars. The closest thing we received was a 64 themed outfit for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey. While the emulation of the game works and plays faithfully to the original. It is a problem that the camera movement was not improved and can be a bit jarring when switching titles and this goes for all the games. They should all have the same camera movement system.

The game is still very simple to learn and has no unwanted changes.

Super Mario Sunshine 

Super Mario sunshine was always a favorite for me and a top pick Nintendo game and this emulation does not disappoint. It delivers all the original mechanics and definitely doesn’t tweak the difficulty. It is definitely the hardest with almost every level having at least one stage that will make you try a different level and come back to it later. I was definitely excited for this one the most and have sunk the most hours in it so far and it was perfectly emulated for the switch 


Super Mario Galaxy 

Galaxy was always an odd but fun entry in the franchise with the only real premise being, “wow is that Mario… but in space. That’s so cool.” 

Mario Galaxy is fun and a lot easier than the other two games but I definitely prefer Galaxy 2 and I think New Super Mario U would have been a better pick than Galaxy, however Nintendo did do an amazing job emulating the game for the switch and was definitely fun to revisit 


In all I found this pack really interesting and fun to play. And it  is definitely worth trying out if you like the franchise.