Winter Months In Michigan Compared To Kentucky; Based On My Experience


By Niang Piang, Reporter

        Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Michigan? How do students manage to go to school during the winter days; when it’s snow storming outside? Or the difference between living in Michigan and living in Kentucky?

 Michigan is best known for the four borders of the Five Great Lakes and the fact that it gets especially the months of  November to February, with “28 inches of  snow per year” (

   On the other hand, Kentucky is very different compared to Michigan, because here, “In Bowling Green, during the entire year, snow falls for 6.5 days, and aggregates up to 8.4″ (213.3mm) of snow” (

               In Michigan, at this time of the year, it is already cold, cold for us to be wearing a coat outside when you go out somewhere. But here in Kentucky, we don’t have to worry about wearing coats as much, because at this time of the year, we can just wear a jacket; which is so much better than wearing a coat because it’s more lightweight than a coat. 

    My best friend, Ciin; who lives in Michigan, and I agreed that Christmas in 2018 was probably the best year of actually celebrating the holiday. Although, I wasn’t able to contact her to interview her, since she and her family are quite busy. 

  Yes, there are other holidays that we enjoyed but out of all,  we especially enjoyed Christmas and New Years celebrations. I don’t know what it is, but the last two years of Christmas and New Years haven’t been fun as it was back in 2018. But that’s okay, at least we can look back and say that we really enjoyed some things. Something that I came across to notice what was different was Christmas.

   You see, in Michigan, we start to decorate our Christmas trees around November and when it snows. it just looks so beautiful, especially at night when you turn out all the light. except for the Christmas lighting. 

Here in Kentucky, Christmas is okay, but I will say, it’s not as exciting as it is compared to Michigan. But everyone has an opinion so I’ll leave that to whoever visits Michigan at some point.Hopefully, you’ll like it, because I surely did.