Is Catcalling Okay?

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By Hannah Furlong, Reporter

Imagine walking down the street in a big city the breeze blowing traffic honking and all of a sudden a stranger starts walking with you. Commenting on your outfit and overall appearance. You just ignore them. You continue to walk in silence. They continue to walk with you for minutes on end and finally decide to give up and walk away. This is an everyday struggle for women all over the globe. Although most common in big cities it still happens everywhere. 

Catcalling is disrespectful towards women. Catcalling is not nicely walking by and saying you’re beautiful. Catcalling is to whistle or comment on something of a sexual nature towards a woman. Women everywhere get catcalled. According to a study in 2008, “Over 99 percent of the female respondents said they had experienced some form of street harassment (only three women said they had not).” In a more recent study in 2015 with 4900 respondence from the united states found similar results. You may think this is for adults and not people your age. The average starting age of women being catcalled is 13-14 years old. 

I interviewed two students from our school to see what their thoughts on catcalling were. The first student I interviewed was Emery Arnold. She said, “In my opinion men catcalling women, or commenting on them is not okay at all. It is extremely inappropriate and puts the women in a very uncomfortable state. It’s a major problem in big cities and there is no reason women should have to go that every day. Secondly, I interviewed a boy in their opinion. I interviewed Kayden Cashon. He said, “Catcalling on the streets isn’t okay they’re a lot of risks into it and one small move, and many bad things could happen.” Given this, even some boys think that catcalling is inappropriate. There is no reason for catcalling.

All in all, catcalling is rude to women and is not an appropriate way to communicate how you think a woman is beautiful.