Theater And Arts

By Ma'Laya Sanders

Theater and Arts has a huge impact of not just the children and adults that are involved  also people watching over the years theater brought people a way to express their feelings and passion  and bring laughter and comfort to people watch. Theater is truly an art because it involves hardworking and compassion. The impact that theater and arts has on the community as a whole is shocking because it develops  meaningful bonds between everyone in the room , The dances that occur during a play or just a song in the theater can connect with  anyone watching. Erica Cassady is a theater teacher at Greenwood high school, She stated that “I see students find compassion ,confidence ,and talents that they never knew and its beautiful”. Theater can truly show someone a different path in life that they never knew they could take. The arts are beautiful it brings people closer not just to others but to who they truly are as a person .

“I have been able to see grow and introduce students to this art and watch them grow , and develop passion that’ the dream”. – Erica Cassady