Generation Z

By Dre Hagan, Life Editor

We are generation Z. The newest upcoming of society, people born between 1996 and 2010. The generation trying to undo what has been done by the previous generations. 


Experts say we are the most racially diverse generation yet and on the road to be the most well educated. We have little to no memory of a life without modern electronics and cell phones. It’s known that we prefer to embrace our diversity through race, gender, religion, and sexuality over other generations. We also are less likely to believe the U.S. is flawless and the government is stable. The majority of our generation focuses on treating people equally and with respect. We are in an era where we have the resources to educate ourselves on what is actually happening, rather than believe what our parents are telling us.


When I hear “Generation Z,” I think of acceptance and embrace. It’s welcomed to be different from the societal norm. 100 years ago, black and white people couldn’t go to school together and now here we are, people of all races fighting for the others. Despite what the older generations tell us, we have our own morals set and we fight for them.


I decided to interview Katie Isaac, a teen who expresses herself through her makeup looks and specifically inspired me through a ‘Black Lives Matter’ piece.

(Here are the questions I asked, followed by Katie’s responses)


  • How do you feel about being part of the most diverse generation?


“I am incredibly proud to be part of the most diverse generation! I believe this diversity will lead to positive change and hopefully connect us all in ways we are not yet connected.”


  • Do you believe the U.S. is actually a superior country and our government is working properly? Why?


“The US has the pros of freedom and liberty, and while we are an advanced country, we are not superior. Even at our best, the US will not be superior. We are a melting pot, and with that comes good and bad. I believe our government has its pros, but overall we need to make some serious change for the people. We as citizens do not have the power we should have.”


  • What do you think of when you hear the words “generation z”?


“When I hear the words “generation Z”, I think of power and a revolution. Our generation will take back the power that has been taken from us. We will start a revolution, if we must, to give the power back to the people.”


  • What would you say are common ideas and beliefs shared between us?


“I would say two common beliefs of Gen Z  are equity and equality. We believe in treating others equally, until equity can be proven.”


  • How would you compare us to older generations?


“Compared to past generations, I believe our generation will actually make the change.”


Generation Z. We are activists, artists, leaders, educators; We ARE the change.