How do you stay in touch with your long-distant friend?

By Niang Piang, Reporter

Staying in touch with my friend from another state.

When it comes to long distance friendship, it can be hard but nowadays, we have technology so that makes it easier for us to get in touch with our old friends that we are now far away from. Living far away from your friends can be really hard times. Sometimes, we can misunderstand each other but it’s our job to always understand each other and make sure that we both tell each other when we feel like they’re being distant.

About 11 months ago, I moved here in Bowling Green Kentucky from Battle Creek Michigan. Ever since we moved here, everything has been going great so far, but living away from my best friend is one of the hardest things that I have to deal with. Me and my friend don’t always talk to each other everyday. We both are able to just talk after not talking for days, because of how close we are to each other. One thing that I want to share is, you always make time for the people that you love, no matter how much work or things that are needed or needed to be done. I know this experience.
I have a friend that told me about how she stayed in touch with her long distance friendship.

I asked my friend Meh Moh a few questions. I first asked her,
“Is it hard to stay in touch with your friend/s?”
Then she replied with,
“We stay in touch through text and call”
I asked,
“Is it hard to talk to each other sometimes?”
She answered, “No, unless we argue about something, but that doesn’t stop us from being friends.”
“Do you ever miss them a lot that you get sad or your mood change?”
“ Yes sometimes”
“If you guys ever get mad at other, how do you guys make up?”
“We get bored so we decided to say sorry to each other then talk about it.” “We can’t stay mad at each other for the whole day”
“How hard is it to live far away from your friends”
“Not that hard”

After that we talked for a little more and she told me that her friend lived about 3 hours away. There are some of us who live further away from our friends, so it’s important to give a few minutes to talk to your friends. This can be hard because if you’re like me and my friend, it’s kind of difficult to talk to each other sometimes because when she’s active, I’m busy doing my chores and my school work but when I’m active, she’s busy doing her own thing. There are days when we’re both active. In those days, we make plans for when we’re gonna be free because that way, we both know when to make time for each other, and talk to each other.

Remember, if you want to make time for someone you love, you will make time for them, it’s really up to you.