Jackson’s orchard

By Jackson Davis Bryant, reporter



In Kentucky there is a well known family attraction known as Jackson’s Orchard. I feel that I have a good opportunity to talk about my experience here.

I arrived early, so there wasn’t much trouble finding a parking spot, however the later it got the more crowded it got and the harder parking will become. 

I started my day there by going to the petting zoo. The petting zoo allows entry at a starting fee of $1 however extra food pellets are an additional $1 so the expenses of your visit will vary depending on how long you are there. Most of the animals are common farm animals, however there are more exotic animals included as well, such as llamas, alpacas, and a donkey. All the animals are very passive and not one of them attempted to bite me. The bunnies are very cute and friendly to guests. The petting zoo is a fun attraction for all ages. 

The next attraction is the hay-ride. There is not too much interest in the hay-ride, but in all it was a decent fun experience. It was fun to just relax and take in the environment.

After the hay-ride stops, you are left at the final main attraction, the corn-maze. The corn-maze is the best part of my experience. I loved going off with my friends to see how lost we can get and then just relaxing while we find our way out. The only downside to the maze is there’s no real incentive to do it, besides it just being there. There is no exit to the maze, you go in, walk around, then leave, and that’s it. Overall I recommend you to try it just once.

Overall the orchard was fun, and the food and drink is amazing. And I only have a few gripes. One there is no mask polacy. Nobody but our group was wearing a mask at all. And two even though we got there early the lines filled up extremely quickly so pack light because it can get pretty hot standing in the sun.