What’s Going on in The NFL?


By TelTel Long

What’s Going on in The NFL as of Week 3 

               Week 3 of the NFL season showed fans all around the country who the better teams of this season are and the lackluster teams are. I’ve separated each NFL team into 3 tiers, SuperBowl contenders, Playoff Bound, and Good Draft Pick. The SuperBowl contender tier meaning exactly what it says, these teams have a good chance of winning the SuperBowl. The Playoff Bound tier means these teams are good but they probably aren’t winning a SuperBowl this season. Their ceiling is most likely the playoffs. The final tier, The “Good Draft Pick” tier. This tier are for those teams that are either put in situations that prevent them from being in the playoffs or are just downright bad. No matter the reason for being in this tier they will all most likely get a good draft pick.


“Good Draft Pick”


This first set of teams in the “Good Draft Pick” tier are those teams that are probably put into bad situations.

  • Dolphins
  • Broncos
  • Browns
  • Bengals
  • Colts
  • Rams 
  • 49ers
  • Lions
  • Panther


When saying bad situations some teams suffered really bad injuries to star player(s) or the team is good but there are teams in the division and/or conference that are better


This next set of teams in the “Good Draft Pick” are just downright bad!

  • Jets
  • Jaguars
  • Texans
  • Football Team
  • Eagles 
  • Giants
  • Vikings
  • Falcons


No explanation needed, these teams are just bad.


“Playoff Bound”


The teams put into this tier most likely have a ceiling of the division round of the playoffs and are a longshot of winning the SuperBowl. On the bright side they’re in the playoffs!


  • Bills
  • Patriots
  • Raiders
  • Chargers
  • Cowboys
  • Seahawks
  • Bears


Really good teams, just not good enough.


“SuperBowl Contenders”


These teams have the chance of being the best of the best. These teams have the chance of going down in history. These teams have a chance of hoisting the coveted Lambardi trophy in February. 

  • Steelers
  • Chiefs
  • Ravens
  • Titans
  • Cardinals 
  • Packers
  • Buccaneers
  • Saints

As of right now, week 3 of the season, my pick for SuperBowl LV is Packers vs Steelers and the Steelers coming out on top to become the first Organization ever to win 7 SuperBowls.