Revealing a Catastrophe

By Jackson Davis Bryant, reporter


              In the fall of 2020, it was a nice and warm California day as a family began to set up a party for their unborn child.  The family decided to make a homemade explosive device and filled it with blue powder to signify the gender of the child.  The bomb was supposed to go off when they light a fuse, however when the bomb went, off the radios of the explosion was much greater than anticipated, catching a stray bush on fire.  Because of the dry climate and close proximity of bushes together, the fire began spreading at an ample rate.  

            The fire was recently named the El Dorado Fire which means, the golden, in Spanish.  The fire as of now has spread more than 10,000 acres  across the state of California. As of 9/28/20, the fire has spread 22,680 acres across California, which is roughly 995,781,600 feet squared. Several different communities were forced out of their residents and forced to leave their homes by the threat of the fire reaching them.  Thankfully this fire has yet to harm individuals or have touched a building, so the fire is pretty well contained as of now.

            The fire is still pretty rapidly spreading but is more contained by the authorities, however the situation is still being updated so further information will be revealed.