News You’re Missing Out On

By Una Wells, Reporter

One thing I’ve noticed during this time is that when you go onto any news site or on Twitter are watch the news, the only thing you’re going to end up seeing is more news about Covid-19. Granted, it is important information however with all of that being circulated, you may have missed out on other news that has been happening around the World. These are some things that have happened but might not have made it to your source of news. 


  1. “Murder Hornets”

These hornets have made their way into America, more than likely by cargo ship. These “Murder Hornets” are actually called the “Asian Giant Hornet” and reasonably so. These hornets can be up to 2 inches in size and they pack a punch with them. You do not want to get stung by one of these, you won’t die from the sting unless you are allergic to bees, but their sting can leave in serious pain for as long as 6 hours. Their sting has been said to resemble “hot metal being put in the body” and since they are hornets, they can sting multiple times before they die unlike a normal bee. 

       2. Mass Shooting in Halifax, Nova Scotia

On April 24, In the province Nova Scotia, there was one of the deadliest mass shootings ever in canadian history lasting 13 hours and killing 22 people. The shooter posed as a police officer driving around the province on a rampage that day. They are trying to find what his motives to do this were and will have a psychological autopsy performed. Because of this, Canada is banning assualt-style firearms.

       3. Baseball is back in China, in the midst of Corona, sports have been cancelled to prevent the spread of the virus but China has taken enough precautionary measures that they are bringing sports back. Of course no one will be in the stands, however they will be airing the games on TV so people can still enjoy them from home.