The Bowling Green “Quarantimes”

How a Group of Students are Representing Our City

By Una Wells, Reporter

During quarantine we have to find ways to entertain ourselves while being at home so a collective of students decided to put together a website called the “Quarantimes.” The objective of the site is to inspire people to create during quarantine and share what they’ve been doing to stay entertained while in the comfort of their home. 

They take submissions through social media or through a linkk at the intro and publish them on the site. There are several artworks featured, there are photos submitted by photgraphers, there are stories that people want to share. 

If you have any paintings, or poems, are photos you’ve taken throughout quarantine, please submit them to the site. This group has made a huge effort to put this together and we are so proud of them for taking an intiative in the community. Remember that you are not alone in quarantine everyone is going through the same thing but you can find light in this situation.