A small story of Trump VS COVID

By Emma Bessinger, Reporter

Donald Trump has had a questionable approach to the pandemic, and many feel that his actions will not get him re-elected this year. Between idiotic claims, blatant denial, and him not protecting himself or the people around him, makes America as a whole look like a laughing stock.


Ingest disinfectant

During a press meeting, Trump said injecting Lysol was a good idea, later going back on his word saying the statement was “sarcasm.” The problem with this is some people follow him blindly, and his initial statement lacked the tone of sarcasm. The result was a doubling in calls to poison control regarding bleach/ Lysol in New York. No person was severely damaged, but the fact our President said that (even jokingly) knowing he is a trusted source by the American people is messed up.


Defunding WHO

The world health organization (WHO) is at the frontlines of this pandemic, Trump decided to halt their funding as they “Were overly trusting in China” and “Made deadly mistakes.” 

Now it is true that China hid their infected count from the outside world, but China always has hidden/ misrepresented stuff. In fact, at the beginning of the outbreak, China labeled the virus as an attack from the U.S. So, no matter how hard their government was pressed, the correct information would be impossible to find.

WHO’s job is to slow the spread of COVID, and without funding, they cannot do so, “the world needs WHO now more than ever.”-Bill Gates


Personal protection

Trump has refused to wear a mask, gloves, social distance, or do anything to protect himself/ the people around him. With his old age, if he gets the virus, more likely than not, he will obtain substantial injury or even die.  Recently Trump went to a mask factory (Honeywell International), but only wore goggles, no mask. 

He has called the PPE shortages “fake news” even though there is undeniable evidence from hospitals that workers are having to improvise or reuse masks. Without these workers, COVID will spread like wildfire, so why won’t he protect them?


Why are we still supporting a man who refuses to support us, is uneducated, and who is in denial of how severe our situation is?