Are NTI Days Negatively Affecting Students?


By Mac Bettersworth, reporter

NTI days- Non-Traditional Instructional Days- are necessary during this COVID-19 pandemic, yes. But are they negatively affecting students?

Many students find that they don’t enjoy being at school, because of strict guidelines and regulations of how things are supposed to be done. At first, these NTI Days may have seemed like a Godsend. But the one thing that didn’t seem to be taken into account: focus. 


When at school, there is a teacher present to keep everyone on track and answer questions. But with no teacher present, many people may have been finding it harder and harder to focus and get work done. Some students are falling behind.


Things happen in the background that may distract a student from getting work done. You can’t always control your environment. NTI days using a regular grading system seems unfair, due to the fact that, besides the environment which they are in, some students just don’t understand the material and may fall behind due to the lack of teacher guidance.


Instructional days like these may be good for short periods of time, but if there is ever a need for something this long term again, a better system may need to be put in place.