How My Quarantine Has Been

By Dominic Franks, Reporter

Quarantine hasn’t been fun, for the most recent part at least. I’ve been out of school for around 5 weeks now, and here’s how it went. 

The first weekend of quarantine, I had my birthday party, and I spent some time with my friends and it distracted me from some stress I had. Then, when the party was over I hung out with my best friend, Jayden Belote. We painted and went outside even though it was freezing. 

Then, Jayden and I went to her house for a week or so, we did basically what every teenager would do: watch television, play bored games, paint, and sleep. The main thing we did was watch Bob’s Burgers and eat Chipotle. 

After we spent a week at her house, we travelled to Ballwin, Missouri to visit my mom. When we were there for a few days, we slept and watched television, and obviously did our school work while playing with the three dogs, including my puppy, Olly! 

On the third day of being at my moms house,Jayden, my family, and I packed our bags again and travelled around an hour away to their farm and stayed there until Monday. We rode around the farm and got warm by the fire, celebrating my birthday with my mom. 

Then we went back to Jayden’s house, after being stressed, and we spent time with her family and by ourselves. We mainly stayed in her room and did schoolwork while watching television. The most fun thing I can remember, though, is her mom’s pregnant Sonic cravings once or more a week, so we would go get sweet tea and cheese sticks, laughing and having fun. 

We had a lot of fun during the three weeks I was there, and it was really good for me to distract myself from all of the other stress I was facing. But, last Wednesday I said goodbye to her and her family. 

I went back to my moms house in Missouri without her, and it’s really stressful, but I’m doing okay. I miss my friends a lot, and I miss being able to hang out with whoever I wanted. I’m supposed to be staying here at my moms house until the end of the semester, lets see how that goes.