20 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Office

20 Facts You Didnt Know About The Office

By Dominic Franks, Reporter

If you know me, you’ll be happy to know that my favorite show is The Office, I mean I’ve seen it eighteen times… The show is a classic sitcom to watch for any occasion really. You can watch it when you’re bored, doing homework, hanging with friends(which you won’t be doing during quarantine), eating, making art, and more. 

Along with the iconicness of the show, there are some behind the “scene secrets” most fans don’t know. Here’s a list of 20. 

  1. John Krasinski had to cut his hair for a movie he was filming, so during a few episodes in season three, he was wearing a wig. 
  2. The kiss between Oscar and Michael was improvised by Steve Carell, so the cast’s reactions were completely real
  3. Steve Carell has very active sweat glands, so the thermostat was always set to 64 degrees
  4. Rainn Wilson also auditioned for the role of Michael Scott
  5. Phyllis was actually a casting associate for the show and helped the actors with their lines, but the producers liked her, so they made her a role for the show.
  6. John Krasinski actually shot the opening credits on a trip he took to Scranton, Pennsylvania. 
  7. The cold open where Jim pops Dwight’s fitness orb was a complete accident
  8. B.J. Novak was the first person to get casted.
  9. The first season was shot in an actual office, while the other seasons were filmed on a soundstage. 
  10. The lactation consultant who helps pam is played by Jenna Fischers husband, Lee Kirk
  11. After they got cast, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell, and Rainn Wilson had lunch and predicted the show to last eight years
  12. In the episode “Lunch Party’, Jim accidentally signs Meredith’s cast “John Krasinski” 
  13. Steve Carell is married to Nancy Ellen Carell, who played Carol Stills on the show.
  14. John Krasinski wrote a heartfelt note to Jenna Fischer, which was actually the note Jim put in Pam’s teapot.
  15. Mindy Kahling used to prank B.J. Novak by making up lies about their co-stars.
  16. During Jim and Dwights fight scenes, the actors would give each other arguing tips.
  17. The showrunners didn’t tell NBC executives that Steve Carell would return for the finale, so Creed read Michael’s final lines.
  18. Many of the cast members, such as John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Mindy Kahling, and B.J Novak directed episodes.
  19. The cast and crew shot and wrote too more footage than needed, so some episodes could’ve been twice as long.
  20.  And Last but not least, during season five, production had to be shut down because John and Rainn couldn’t stop laughing at Kelly’s ridiculous birthday party.