How the Pandemic Is Recovering the Environment’s Air Quality

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

As the COVID-19 virus restricts people inside on a global scale, transportation and jobs of sorts have halted much. Without employment nor travel, it has been harsh on many. However, scientists have gathered that pollution has been reduced more than ever before due to the quarantines.

Industrial workplaces and airlines have been facing hardships as the pandemic continues on without the amount of profit they usually earn. Vehicular activity has not been happening as much also. Though, nitrogen dioxide pollution is mainly emitted from industrial jobs and these methods of transportation.

Without regular industrial work and transportation, air quality has been improving in major cities. China’s cities, for example, have had a great reduction in nitrogen dioxide.

The corona virus has made many circumstances to be unfortunate but the environmental changes are undeniable. Reducing pollution is hard to achieve when production is needed, perhaps scientists can learn more towards what can be done to lessen nitrogen dioxide in the air as quarantine goes on.