Canadian Gunman Poses as Police Officer

Canadian Gunman Poses as Police Officer

By Trevor Shimizu, Reporter

On April 19, an alleged gunman named Gabriel Wortman, 51, terrorized Nova Scotia. Wortman was a  greatly skilled mechanic interested in cars. Wortman’s neighbor had told the CTV News Wortman had recently bought two used police cars.

Posing as a police officer in a uniform and cruiser, Wortman led a 12-hour chase with the police.  The chaos began when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to what was a Firearm Complaint. Wortman fled the scene where he had killed two people. He then later proceeded to pull over unaware drivers but and shoot the victims he came across.

Officials say that he was not a part of an organization and he planned it himself and acted on his own. Wortman is considered one of the most dangerous people in Canada. He later got into a shootout with police and later died.

One of his victims sadly was a 23 year-old RCMP Veteran. Heidi Stevenson tried ramming into Wortman at some point, trying to run him off the road. She was later killed in an exchange of gunfire. The fact that Wortman was able to sneak undetected in the area is impressive, but was greatly benefited by the fact he had used a police cruiser. The vehicle was later trashed but had stolen a car from a motorist and proceeded to keep moving. Thankfully Wortman was stopped to prevent unneeded horrific homicides.