Entertainment at it’s Finest

By Una Wells, Reporter

Hey gators, I know this time is extremely boring for some of you and I hope you’re finding ways to entertain yourselves. However, if you’ve run out of ideas, I have a list of movies that you could watch. Keep in mind some of these might include strong language or explicit scenes.

  • My Girl – A young girl whose father works as a mortician is growing up surrounded by death but still doesn’t quite understand what it is. A series of events and a tragedy leads her to understand.
  • Then Came You – A terminally ill teenager and a 19-year-old hypochondriac help each other achieve their dreams and face their fears.
  • Theory of Everything – Takes you through the life of Stephen Hawking and the struggles he and his family faced 
  • Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly – A documentary that explains the crazy life of rapper, Travis Scott, and behind the scenes of touring and celebrity life.
  • Grease – A musical about teen romance and high school cliques in the 1950s and breaking down the stigma of mixing cliques together
  • Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything – Takes you behind the scenes of rapper Lil Peep’s life before he died in 2017 and how he lived as he grew into the spotlight and into fame.
  • All The Brightest Places – Two “outcast” teens bond together for a school project but eventually a love story comes to light and they both grow together as people
  • Justine – A widowed, single mom takes a job caring for a young girl(Justine) with a disease called spina bifida(when the spine and spinal chord don’t form properly) and the two discover they have a lot more in common than they ever would’ve imagined.
  • In The Tall Grass – A horror film that describes a never-ending cycle of unsuccessful attempts at escaping the “tall grass”
  • Adventures in Public School – After being home-schooled nearly his entire life, Liam decides he wants to go to public school but his mother is having an even harder time letting him go then he is going.
  • Freshman Year – As CJ goes off to college for freshman year with the intention of playing on the basketball team and maintaining his faith, he is quick to have to choose between following his morals and doing what everyone else is.
  • We Are Your Friends – An ambitious young DJ who knows how to work a crowd puts everything at risk for a budding relationship with his mentor’s girlfriend.
  • Victor – In 1962 Brooklyn, a Puerto rican teen who joins a gang is seduced by violence and heroin. But can his mother’s love and faith in God save him?
  • Miracle – U.S. hockey coach Herb Brooks take several athletes from all over the country and creates a team that is a force to be reckoned with, taking them all the way to the 1980 Winter Olympic Games