Five Coronavirus Myths Debunked


By Emma Bessinger, Reporter

The entire internet has been swarmed with news over the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, but a lot of this information is false. Unless the news is coming from a reputable source such as the CDC, look on the cautious side before taking the advice, as the “tips” could do more harm than good. 

Here are five myths that have floated around online:

Ingesting bleach will kill the virus

Maybe the dumbest idea like ever, but the ingestion of bleach will kill the virus…and you. This comes from the knowledge that bleach is a disinfectant, so it would “clean” the insides of a person. 

Drinking water will cleanse the body from the virus

Drinking water is a good idea, people need it to survive, but it will not make your stomach acid dissolve the virus as claimed. This was the first and most famous myth, with it being shared on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The posts have now been monitored and taken down due to it being false. Just drink the normal amount of water and stay hydrated.

The virus only affects elderly people

With this being spread, young people felt free to go around towns and attend gatherings. Though the coronavirus party that recently took place shows that everyone can get and be a victim to it. Though there is a higher chance of older people dying from it, so can anyone with underlying conditions such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, or immune suppressant medications.

Garlic water will treat the virus

There is no treatment for corona out currently, so just like number 2, this is just a theory. Garlic is known to be a good product for the body, but there is no evidence that it wards off the virus.

Putting onions around your house will ward off the virus

People are acting as if this virus is some form of mutant vampire. Corona is not frightened by onions, the most this will do is make your house smell bad and make you cry every time you enter a room.

Anyway, be safe, and don’t listen to anything on this list. If you do, you’d be an overly-hydrated, garlic-breathed, onion-smelling person who died by drinking bleach. And your friends and family will laugh at your stupidity.