How Are Students Staying Entertained?

By Una Wells, Reporter

With school currently not being in session and us students always being at home we need to find creative ways to make use of our time. Finding something to do with all of this time is crucial because you can’t just stay inside all day and do nothing.

I personally have been painting a lot and trying new styles, trying to learn something new. Painting is a way to take a break from all your stress because you can really let all your thoughts out in the painting. 

Several students have continued staying active despite not being able to have their sports practices. Going on regular runs and playing tennis in their front yards and driveways. Staying active during this time is really helpful considering that the gyms aren’t open but you can still be active in the comfort of your own home. 

Others have been drawing or playing new games, The new Animal Crossings game has recently come out and that has taken the country by storm. Others got lucky and ended up in quarantine with a friend of theirs and have spent their time together.

There’s always something to do you just have to get creative and have fun. Remember to be safe everyone.