Greenwood Closing: How the Remainder of the Year Can Change

By Lauren Zanovich, Reporter

Similar to multiple schools across the country, it was announced Warren County Schools are closing due to what we’ve all been overhearing on the news by now. Students are not making a return until next month on April 20 based on what was informed on the school’s website. Shifting the focus onto Greenwood specifically, these weeks spent away from school are capable of extending the current year. 

In the case of our 2019-2020 school year extending past the anticipated final day, students and teachers could still resume school until June. The scheduled last day at Greenwood is scheduled for May 21. Having June in mind, that would mean we would be continuing school for at least another few weeks. Many students and teachers are mixed about this possible outcome, so there is a lot of encouragement to be productive with our assignments and complete them. 

During this period we are outside of a classroom environment for education, us Greenwood students can allow these days to be counted on the calendar upon students completing most if not all of their work. Responsibility, motivation, and progress is vital at this time in order to be on task. It requires an effort from everyone, so if you are a fellow student determined to finish the school year, please continue working efficiently.