Greenwood Color Guard Continues Tradition

By Una Wells, Reporter

Out of the many clubs we offer here at Greenwood, Color Guard is one of our clubs that everyone has heard about it but not many people know exactly what it is or what the purpose of the sport is. 

Color Guard season is an important season for Greenwood because it goes hand in hand with Marching Band and also football season. This past season for color guard was the theme “virtual reality” and if you ever went to any of the games, you saw that the color guard was dressed in a purple to white bodysuit with visors over their eyes.

It was special for a lot of people because it was the first year for a lot of people; the whole group would be standing together before every show singing and just enjoying each other’s presence and being “brought together as a family.”

For people who want to join, color guard members are not quite sure what the theme for the next season is going to be but they do offer “Color Guard camps” where you can stay after school and learn the basics of how to spin a flag and other moves.

Members say it’s a very “welcoming environment.” Color guard is a wonderful experience to have and be a part of but it does take a lot of hard work and you will definitely get bruises from it, but a little pain never stopped anyone.