Greenwood Chess Club Welcomes New Members

Greenwood Chess Club Welcomes New Members

By Una Wells, Reporter

Out of Greenwood’s many clubs and sports teams, it’s hard to keep up with every one and know about all of them. One of these clubs that you may not know too much about is our chess club.

Chess is a two-person strategy game that is said to have originated around 1,500 years ago. Run by one of our teachers here Mr. Morrison: “We meet, we play chess, we talk about different strategies, we try to learn the game and get better at it.” 

Chess club meets on B Club day and as of right now, there are no meetings after school however they are thinking about changing that next year as well as including “a hoodie as an option next year to try and get more options out there for club attire.” 

 There are chess tournaments and if you join the club they do make sure to notify you beforehand so you know when those are happening and so you can practice in advance but you don’t have to be in the chess club to attend the tournaments. Anyone can join the chess club as long as you pay the $10 entry fee and they provide you with a chess club T-Shirt. 

If you have any questions about our Chess Club go to either Mr. Morrison (Room 309) or to Mr. Emerson (Room 319). They would love to have you in the chess club next year and have you participate in the tournaments.