The Choice Between Traditional or Online School

Traditional American schools are how the majority of students receive an education; school is just part of our daily life until beyond high school. Throughout school you gain not only an education, as that is the purpose, but experiences too. Though, has everyone’s experiences benefited them or affected their outlook continuing school? Traditional school systems have been both criticized and complimented in regards to what they offer young students. In some cases, home/online schooling has been an alternative.

The methods and practices the school system goes by have been often claimed to be outdated. Teens show unhappiness about their year, including calendars, schedules and assignments. It is expressed in an opinion piece titled “The Flaws of Today’s Education System” that schools are sleep depriving and cannot expect students to function with such a routine in addition to other problematic topics.

On another note, modern technology has improved educational processes but schools without the budget struggle with providing relevant resources. These are the common flaws said of attending traditional schools.

In contrast to what’s said of online school commonly, parents and students alike believe traditional public school strengthens social skills which allow better communication between new people. It is heavily agreed that it prepares a student to acquire these speaking skills for the reality that the real world will be.

Connections and friendships can develop over time in traditional schools so students can show resistance to the idea of online school, being unable to have daily interactions. Although most of the time students are seated in one setting during school, there are opportunities for involvement in experiments and activities.

As much as some traditional students dislike attending school, how practical is it that they are willing to transfer online given the option? There comes pros and cons with that decision dependent on preferences.

Students would have to evaluate which of the two are most suitable based on how much they value their time at school. Does stress outweigh the knowledge you’re gaining from school, or are you inclined to remain in touch with your friends? Both self motivation and dedication is vital in online school,  as well as the amount of focus it calls for too. If you are a student more fixated on completing school rather than experiencing it in a classroom environment and its extra-curricular opportunities, online school can be pondered if self-disciplined enough.

In the United States, the overall average high school graduation rate is 84%. The data displayed by the U.S. News’s research show that graduation rates can vary from state to state, Kentucky specifically has a decent rate of 87%. This can be helpful knowledge to scale the likelihood of having academic success in traditional school.

Achieving a diploma online can be very possible too, though that can differ with what online program and courses you select. With that said, it is not precisely defined statistically how guaranteed it is to graduate online. In order to raise the chances of receiving a valid diploma, research available online school options showing promising outcomes.

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