Lacrosse’s First ‘Dub’


The Greenwood girls lacrosse team celebrates its first win after a scrimmage Saturday at Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville.

By Ellie Ramsing, Sports Editor/Reporter

This past weekend was a monumental one for the newly founded women’s lacrosse team. They participated in the Sacred Heart Showcase in Louisville and played three shortened games. For many on the team, this was the first time they had seen a striped field. Expectations were low to say the least.

Freshman player Hannah Humble summed it up with “I thought we were gonna lose.”

Although the team did lose one of the three games, the first game they ever played in they took home a dub.

The final score of the first game was 5-2 with four goals from freshman captain Ellie Macdonald and a goal from senior Geena Overdevest.

Freshman captain Ellie Ramsing, who was out with an injury, explained that “The team really blew me away. Going into the season I just kind of assumed we would lose every game. It’s not like I didn’t have confidence in my team; I just knew that there were two of us that had ever shot on a goal before and most of the team had never seen a field.”

With more games fast approaching the team is continuing to practice hard and is excited for their upcoming South game.